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Friday, 26 May 2017

Men Rompers (Onesies) !?

Hey guys,

The world is going bananas about these men rompers(onesies). I personally don't care what people want to put on their bodies it's their lives; as long has their privates are covered I'm good. In my option on the fashion statement do I think they're cute not really, some look like PJs and some look like prison outfits. Although I have seen a denim summer romper (shorts) and I thought they were adorable I would put them on my son.

My fashion forecast:

They will be hot for the summer once people get use to them. It takes the right person to pull them off has a fashion statement(without abs showing) i would style them with sneakers to give that manly appeal. With the denim romper I would pair them with white sneakers (Jordan's, Yeezys  or Adidas classics). For accessories i would pair them with a nice gold or rose gold Rolex. For this look men keep it clean and simple and no animals prints please lool soild colours, neutrals, shades or denim textile.

This will be a short trend 1 years top, but will forever be a trend for The ladies.

Thanks for the reading Happy Friday and have a BLESSED weekend !!!!

P.s the photos I'm posting are the Romper (onesies) look I approve of :)

- Stacyann J xoxo


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sibling Wear for Barbecues (Boy & Girl)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been consistent this week. I usually post on Mondays, but Monday was a Canadian holiday (Victoria Day) and I was busy all week. Has you guys know I have two children a boy and a girl they're my life. I also love styling them 《3

I'm going to start a look book for children on my blog and today is the first one :)

I posted some bloopers loool taking good pictures of young children under the age of 3 is hard !!


I kept his look simple

Limegreen t-shirt : Tommy Hilfiger Kids
Denim Jacket: H & M
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger kids
Shoes: Nike Huarache


Limegreen Graphic t-shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Kids
Denim Jacket: Gap kids
Leggings: N/A (bought them at winners Lol)
Shoes: Nike Huarache
Sunglasses: Gymboree
Attitude: Mom (lool so I was told anyway)

P.s the mix and match socks were not planned lool

Thanks for reading have a blessed day 

Stacyann J xoxo


Monday, 15 May 2017


Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mother's who gave birth or adopted a child. Also to married and single mother's.

Being a mother is a huge blessing and comes with a a lot of responsibility; financially, physically and emotionally. Being a mother takes a lot of patients, but worth every moment.

I love being a mother to my two beautiful blessings. I am not a shame to say I have two kids at the age of 24. My kids are well taken care of and I have God to thank for that. My children have made me a better person. I've always been ambitious, but they bring out so much more of if.

Yesterday I had a wonderful day. I started out with church of course, I was treated to dinner at Baton Rouge, flowers and one of my favorite ice wines (Magnotta). I am truly grateful and feel so blessed. I know I'm late but, mother's day is everyday in my books.


Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: Shoedazzle


Monday, 8 May 2017

The breeze of Life or The Wind of Horror you Choose !?

My inspiration for this post was from my girl Crystal Bri quote

"The wind is frustrating, but it's the breeze of life that gets us by. " 

The inspiration behind this quote by Bri was from the images posted. 

In life you have to choose your destiny. The wind is always going to blow, but the breeze feels good. When you remind positive in every situation  despite  the odds being against you everything will work out in your favor and of course Jesus being at the center of it all. Even thou the wind was blowing I was able to get great shots; when the wind blows take breeze. Keep the faith and keep pushing. 

I love you guys thanks for reading and stay blessed   

Stacyann J xoxo

Shots by: Crystal Bri ( Check out her blog extremely good vibes)

Shirt: Honest bought it two years ago from winners
Jeans: Hilfiger Denim
Shoes: Guess
Location: Downtown


Friday, 5 May 2017

Rain Rain go Away I'm Still Going to look FAB Anyway!!

I don't hate the rain because we do need it but, whenever it rains I just want to sleep all day and not leave the house. I don't do that cause I'm a busy girl, I got a lot of stuff to accomplish during the day, nothing stops me not even a storm. Since it's going to rain all week why not adjust to the weather. The rain won't stop my FAB will it STOP yours I hope NOT!. Make rainy days the days you push even harder than before. Whatever emotion you're going though don't let it stop your greatness. #yougothis

Stay blessed
Stacyann J xoxo

Top: Buffalo print in black and white ( don't know the brand got it at Costco lool)
Jeans: High-waste stone washed denim from Guess
Rain Boots: low cut by Guess 


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Work in Progress

Hi guys,

Has you know I'm a Fashion student and also studying Business all in one program. I love my program and want to prolong my education in this field. I've discovered so many talented people and talents within myself I didn't know I had.

This semester I worked with adobe software Illustrator, In-design. We learn Photoshop next semester. I loved that class that was my highest grade I received a 95%  I couldn't have gotten a 99% If i didn't rush my exam( I hate exams they make me nervous).

I also learned a lot in my Trend Analysis class in this class I discovered I can draw. I'm a beginner, but I'm so proud of myself I didn't know I can do it. I always had visions of my designs in my head, but never had the ability to project them on paper and now I can YAY!

I also learn a lot about social media in Social Media Productions and Sales(Marketing) and I will be applying those skills during the summer. Because of this class I look at social media so differently. I never really use to be a fan and look at me now making blogs.

My lease favorites class were Gned (introduction to philosophy) and Ethics and sustainability only because it was boring, But I did learn a lot in Ethics and sustainability, because of that class I look at fashion and the materials we use to differently. Lastly, but not lease I had Writ 200 (Business writing) I have a love hate relationship with English I love to write and I always have ideas, but grammar is a annoyance to my soul lool.

Thanks for reading have a blessed day :)

Stacyann J xoxox


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Little Red Doll Dress

Hi guys,

Has you know school's out, so I have a bit more free time. (not really cause I'm a mother who works) On the last day of school I decided to go all out and wear a dress. If you know me you know I'm a pants type of girl, but dresses and skirts are growing on me.

In my picture I'm wearing a red baby doll dress; I paired it with nude sandals and a wine coloured( colored) lipstick and a gold choker. This look was so simple, but made a statement I was going to pair them with a navy blue heel, but i would've gone to far for school, then again I wouldn't care I've done it before. Lets be real I just didn't feel like wearing heels that day Lool.

I'm so proud to say one semester down and one more to go. To all the mothers reading this you got this if i can do it you can too. If you want it that bad it will get done nothing can stop you!! surround yourself with positive people and set goals for yourself, balance is so important. Find ways to stay organized with your thoughts and life schedule. In my fake it till you make it post I have a guide on how to create a SMART GOAL check it out. It won't be easy, but it will be worth the journey don't ever give up that isn't a option and if you ever need anyone to talk to add me on IG Stacyann_J and shoot me DM ! I want the best for women I want to encourage and inspire follow you dreams you have them for a reason.

Stay Blessed

Stacyann J xoxo

Dress: Boohoo


Sandals: Esprit

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