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Friday, 26 May 2017

Men Rompers (Onesies) !?

Hey guys,

The world is going bananas about these men rompers(onesies). I personally don't care what people want to put on their bodies it's their lives; as long has their privates are covered I'm good. In my option on the fashion statement do I think they're cute not really, some look like PJs and some look like prison outfits. Although I have seen a denim summer romper (shorts) and I thought they were adorable I would put them on my son.

My fashion forecast:

They will be hot for the summer once people get use to them. It takes the right person to pull them off has a fashion statement(without abs showing) i would style them with sneakers to give that manly appeal. With the denim romper I would pair them with white sneakers (Jordan's, Yeezys  or Adidas classics). For accessories i would pair them with a nice gold or rose gold Rolex. For this look men keep it clean and simple and no animals prints please lool soild colours, neutrals, shades or denim textile.

This will be a short trend 1 years top, but will forever be a trend for The ladies.

Thanks for the reading Happy Friday and have a BLESSED weekend !!!!

P.s the photos I'm posting are the Romper (onesies) look I approve of :)

- Stacyann J xoxo


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