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Monday, 8 May 2017

The breeze of Life or The Wind of Horror you Choose !?

My inspiration for this post was from my girl Crystal Bri quote

"The wind is frustrating, but it's the breeze of life that gets us by. " 

The inspiration behind this quote by Bri was from the images posted. 

In life you have to choose your destiny. The wind is always going to blow, but the breeze feels good. When you remind positive in every situation  despite  the odds being against you everything will work out in your favor and of course Jesus being at the center of it all. Even thou the wind was blowing I was able to get great shots; when the wind blows take breeze. Keep the faith and keep pushing. 

I love you guys thanks for reading and stay blessed   

Stacyann J xoxo

Shots by: Crystal Bri ( Check out her blog extremely good vibes)

Shirt: Honest bought it two years ago from winners
Jeans: Hilfiger Denim
Shoes: Guess
Location: Downtown


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