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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Work in Progress

Hi guys,

Has you know I'm a Fashion student and also studying Business all in one program. I love my program and want to prolong my education in this field. I've discovered so many talented people and talents within myself I didn't know I had.

This semester I worked with adobe software Illustrator, In-design. We learn Photoshop next semester. I loved that class that was my highest grade I received a 95%  I couldn't have gotten a 99% If i didn't rush my exam( I hate exams they make me nervous).

I also learned a lot in my Trend Analysis class in this class I discovered I can draw. I'm a beginner, but I'm so proud of myself I didn't know I can do it. I always had visions of my designs in my head, but never had the ability to project them on paper and now I can YAY!

I also learn a lot about social media in Social Media Productions and Sales(Marketing) and I will be applying those skills during the summer. Because of this class I look at social media so differently. I never really use to be a fan and look at me now making blogs.

My lease favorites class were Gned (introduction to philosophy) and Ethics and sustainability only because it was boring, But I did learn a lot in Ethics and sustainability, because of that class I look at fashion and the materials we use to differently. Lastly, but not lease I had Writ 200 (Business writing) I have a love hate relationship with English I love to write and I always have ideas, but grammar is a annoyance to my soul lool.

Thanks for reading have a blessed day :)

Stacyann J xoxox


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