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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Best-Friends Motivate not Destroy

Hey guys,
I know I'm a fashion blogger, but i also love to motivate and support others in their vision God has blessed them with. 

If you want to grow and move forward in life you have to be willing to change your circle and hang around like minded people. If you want your dreams to stay alive the people surrounding you should also have dreams they they're pursuing. If that isn't the case you need to run dream killers are like a common flu you don't want to catch it (yuck) lool. That being said I want to honor my Best-friend Crystal Scott she is also a blogger check her out links below. I love her so much and I'm so proud of the women she is becoming shes doing great things in life and is only warming up. I pray that God always keeps her shield and covered under his Annotating you are Blessed girl!!  We are always there for one another no matter what #wegotthisgirl 

Also I want all the people who are reading this to think about the people in their circle. Do they Pray for you, do they Encourage you, Do they keep you grounded, Do they have dreams and goals?Are they honest with you. Do they push you to the edge to keep you consist ? if not let it GO if they do none of the above just let it go you need good people surrounding you.

I hope I can encourage someone today I love you guys stay blessed 

Stacyann J xoxo

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