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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Stripes of Confidence

Hi Everyone,

A lot of people messaged me and complimented me on this look. This look is one of my favorites I've put together. The top I'm wearing was a dress that I felt was to short for my liking, so I turned it into a top. I love these pants they are one of my favorites at the moment and it can be worn has a business piece, it can be worn for date night, for church, or any type of special event. I will be wearing these pants a lot until you guys get sick of seeing them they're also so comfortable.

Thanks for reading and stay blessed,

Stacyann J

Top (dress): Urban Planet
Pants: you can find at H&M
Accessories: Neck piece and hand pieces from Fragrance of love follow Fragrance of love on Instagram link below


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