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Friday, 14 July 2017

Bow Tie Print

Hi guys I hope you have a blessed and productive day,

Has you know I took a short break from my blog and now I am back. Every Friday I like to go to work looking fab for Fab Fridays. I love to end my work week with a bang. A lot of people don't care for Fashion, only because they don't understand Fashion. I believe Fashion is an art and It excites me to put pieces together it creates a story line. You can tell when some one is dressed for Business or for a Party. That's the point right ?  People admire when they see you well put together. Some will hate you for it. but they still respect it. When you dress well it shows people you are highly important and it shows the time and dedication you put towards yourself . People take you more seriously and show you more respect when you are well put together. You also don't need to be rich to look rich you can look fly on a budget.

Thanks for reading Stay blessed and be blessed

Stacyann J xoxo


Shirt: Bow Tie printed woven from Tommy Hilfiger
Pants: Sirens in Toronto
Shoes: Winners


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