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Friday, 18 August 2017

Hot Girl on a Budget

Hi guys, I am back! I was in need of a break from social media just anything to do with the internet. I also need the time to go over new content and spend more time with family, friends and myself. I felt like I was neglecting a lot to keep the consistency going with everything that I am doing at the moment. 

I would love to hear your feed back on any post and blog content. Be honest I can only get better if you leave me some feed back. You can also shoot me an email I will leave it below.

Let me re-introduce myself I am 24, a working mother with two children under the ages of three. My son is Three and my daughter is one years old and 8.1 months. I am also in school full-time right now i'm on summer break and will be returning in September. I am paying for school out of packet and I've sacrificed a lot to balance everything going on in my life; financially and physically. 

I've always been fashion forward and was not going to make nothing make me look and feel basic, my budget can not stop me ! This blog is for the ladies who are independent, have a bright future ahead of them and know priorities have to be meant before the luxury's roll in. You can still look hot on a budget. I was never the one to buy any clothing that wasn't premium or of higher class. I was still humbled but, prestigious I would only want the best out of I life still do. I still am prestigious and learned I can still have that look without the heavy price tag. I do have a few items I can't cheap out on like my make-up (foundation), handbags, and perfumes lool but its a great balances those items last long. When I reach my financial goal I will be in more luxury. I have to do what I have to do for now.

This dress costed me $15 CAD dollars !! on a website called SheIn I paired it with an arm accessory, Green swede high-heels, a cute necklace I bought at Claire's, hoops earrings I bought at the beauty supply store(BSW) and my fossil watch.  I will list a few websites that sell good clothing on a budget price below. You can also thrift shop I personally haven't tried it before, but I will and keep you guys updated when I do.

Thanks for reading stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

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  1. Yaaaas! I'm soo proud of you! Love this post.

  2. Great Post.. Great photos... Lovin' it. Keep them coming...

    1. Thank you Ben highly appreciate the support!


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