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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Birthday Weekend Addition !!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are having a blessed and productive day today. On August twenty-fifth in the year nineteen-ninety-two a Queen was born and her middle name is Stacy-Ann ( I playing guys I'm not that vain well maybe lol). For my Birthday I had loads of fun in Montreal with my Bestfriend Crystal. If you have not been to Montreal you have to go it's so beautiful. Montreal is a popular city located in Quebec Canada. We also made a two hour stop in Ottawa we didn't go anywhere it was 2 am in the morning and nothing was open, I do plan on going back for a full tour.  I have a huge announcement I made a recording on my Insta-story and Snap-chat that I will be vlogging my 25th birthday experience in Montreal on September 8th stay tuned. My trip to Montreal encouraged me to learn french even more. The people are super nice, I did come across two mean people, but that happens everywhere you go. No worries 85% of the people are bilingual and the other 15% know a little English.

I will list the locations we visited below and places we wish to go to next time. The food in Montreal is also good the pastries are amazing; of course we had to have a poutine. We had poutine's at La Banquise  they also sell really nice Vegan burgers, the fries and the gravy was so nice however, I wasn't to crazy about the cheese, but Crystal Loved it. La Banquise is really popular in Montreal we had to wait in a long line to get in the line flew in no time. What poutine spots do you recommend going to in Montreal ? We also went to a really nice breakfast spot called Universal Dejeuners et Grillades

I notice in Montreal the lines are always long, but they're are so quick to clear up. We also took the Metro (subway station) it was kinda weird: I don't think I would take the Train again. The stations are beautiful and clean they have a authentic look to them. We also made a visit to Center Eaton it's a underground mall located downtown Montreal in the underground city. This mall was amazing I never seen anything like it. This mall had so many Aldo's and so much unique boutiques I loved it !

Thank you for your time have a great day guys,
Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Places we went to:

Underground Mall: Center Eaton
Arts Museum : Blanc
Breakfast: Universal Dejeuners et Grillades  
Poutine Resturant: La Banquise 24 H
Downtown Montreal: Gay Village

Places We're Visiting Next Trip:

Montreal Casino

Old Montreal
Mont Royal
Musee des Beaux- Arts
Parc Jean Drapeau 

Comment Below if you know any cool spots to visit in Montreal 

Pink Birthday outfit 
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