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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mondays are Fun Days!

Hi guys,

I hope you all are having a great and productive week. Although the week starts Sundays, people seem to hate Mondays yeah I get it you have to get back to work and everyday life; however life is what you make it and your own mind can fail you.  Mondays are a start to a productive week for me. I like to plan out my days with what I need to get done. Planning your day keeps you motivated, consistent and focus. This helps me so much from getting distracted. If you can't start your week right it's like a dominions effect your whole week can go wrong. These tips may not work for everyone, but it works for me. When you feel like giving up I always say this " remember your why" make a chart of your "why" and ask yourself on this chart why you started your business or what your perusing  how I'm going to get there and how could this help others and yourself. When you put purpose behind our why it motivates you to plan your week out accordingly.

I hope this can help someone that is feeling in doubt you may feel like nothing is happening, but trust me when I say you don''t know who is watching you and getting inspired by you. Some people may not tell you but trust me they're are watching. If you want success if you have to claim it and speak it into existence  "fake it till you make it" you got this. The work should never stop hard work truly pays off and you wouldn't have visions if you weren't suppose to project them into existence. 

Remember where you are coming from and where you want to go, stay humble and keep going. Consistency is key and having the right people around you to motivate you is also important. I hope you guys have a different out put on Mondays. Mondays are start to a new adventure and the next step to your goals being accomplish. Success doesn't helping over night and the failures should be seen has lessons and growth don't give up you can only get better with time! I hope you have a great and productive week I love you guys stay encourage you got this and don't ever forget your why!

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo  

P.S Has of next week I will no longer be posting Monday motivations, due to my heavy schedule with school. However I will continue to post my fashion blog post every Friday after 6pm. I will start Monday Motivation again in 2018 I will keep you guys up to date with the time and month. Follow me on Instagram I consistently post motivational stories every morning( sometimes on weekends). I hope you guys stay motivated and keep following your dreams.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Good Morning,

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Every morning I love to motivate others; I guess this is why I'm so consistent with morning motivations(on social media and with peers) it's just natural for me. How you start your morning determines your day and how you start your week makes a big impact. I would love to share some tips on how to stay motivated and focus these tips work for me I hope they can do the same for you.

Tips on Staying Motivated

1. Keep only positive energy around you. It's okay to keep negative Nancy far away from your positive space. have you ever heard of the saying "love from afar" you can do that even with family. doing this is also very good for your mental and physical health also.

2.  Music Music Music Music !! yes I love to listen to up lifting music when I'm getting ready for my day. I am christian when I get up I prayer then get into worship. Worship music in the morning uplifts my spirit. For those who aren't Christians I know some people that mediate in the morning and that works for them. Any songs with positive message is also great.

3. Mirror talk. It's always good to talk positivity into your life and claim it. This works for me all the time; when I want something I pray about and put action to it. I let myself know in the mirror how I'm going to get it and remind myself who I am and where I am going. Self motivation is so great this is how you develop growth and self love. Talk to yourself don't worry your not crazy just do it !

4. Make an outline of your goals and how your going to accomplish them when you check that check mark you'll feel so proud you can even reward yourself every time you accomplish a goal.

5. Motivate others. I'm a firm believer in this I love to make people happy and uplift there spirits. See people happy knowing I had a impact makes me feel like I made an accomplishment in someones life. Motivating others make me feel like I doing my assignment and purposing purpose. Also when I motivate others I'm also motivating myself. 

6. Keep the Faith and put God first he is amazing. Life gets hard, but think of the hard times has a learning experience these are humbling times. In your trial just remember God is preparing you for greatness you are already great you are just going through a test. I used this example before "a sling shot has to be pulled back before it can soar". Keep the faith, keep smiling and gain your strength "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

I hope these tips work for you guys. If I can help just one person that would make me so happy leave your feedback in the comments. Remember consistency is key don't stop even when you think nobody is watching they're; they just haven't told you. Once you have the passion your vision will grow especially with God in the mist of it all.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Friday, 17 November 2017

These Boots Weren't Made For Walking...

Hi guys and happy Fab Fridays!

Everyone was asking me where I got my boots on Instagram and Facebook. Number one thank you  all for the love I have been getting on my social media handles highly appreciated. This week I've spamming the internet with my new images shot by Matthew Reid I will leave his social media account below he's so passionate about photography he takes amazing pictures.

The boots everyone was asking me about are from Shoedazzle. They're not comfortable but so sexy; you can wear these with any simple outfit to let them pop if you guys want to see a look book with different ways to wear these boots let me know in the comments. I hope you guys enjoy these images and leave comments on your thoughts.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo


Top: Zara
Jeans: Fashion Nova

Photographer Info

Instagram: @prevalentfocus 


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Keeping your Visions Alive

Hi guys,

I hope you all are having a blessed and productive day.  I am a visionary when I have visions I like to put them to work. The best ways to keep your visions alive would be to ...

  1. Make a visions board: What you do with a vision board is find images that match your goals you can find images on the internet and print them out, or you can also finds them in magazines. When you find your images cut them out, group them together and place them on a foam board using any colour or shade background you want (I love to use white). Once you have an idea of where you are placing your images on the board glue the images you can even add a title if you want. You don't even have to do a vision board on a foam board you can also do it on the computer for example I love to use adobe in-design to make mines. ( I will post pictures below) 
  2. Right it down has soon has it come to mind rather it's on your cellphone, computer or on pen and paper get it out of your mind and start making a move.
  3. Gather a group of people who are like minded to bring this vision to life( it take a village to raise a child same concept with your passions.
  4. Move in silence don't talk about anything until it's set in stone 
  5. Motivation is always  
I hope this was helpful for you guys thanks for stopping by.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo 

An example of one of my vision boards done on In-design(I gathered my images from Pinterest) 

Not mine this image was sourced from Google


Friday, 10 November 2017

The "Hooker Tights"

Hi guys,

How are you doing ? I hope all is well and happy Fab Fridays. I love fishnet stockings they're are the best. I remember back in the day in the early 2000s and the late 90s hookers were known to wear these tights. I've always thought they were hot. Fishnet stockings just make an outfit pop, it's fun, sexy and it can be worn with different styles. I always use to wear my fishnet stockings under my distressed jeans I wish I had pictures. You can get very innovative with fishnets, you can be wearing the most basic outfit and fishnets just does the job for you.

I hope you all have a great and prodcutive day,

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Outfit Details

Dress One : Tommy Hilfiger
Dress Two : Shein
Heels : Tommy Hilfiger
Fishnets : Urban Planet
Sunglasses : Aldo


Monday, 6 November 2017

The Frustrations of Social Media/Building a Business

Hi guys,

Today I just want to start of by saying I love and appreciate those who support my content. I have not touched the world yet with inspiration however I'll get there in the near future.

Do you ever feel like giving up with social media or a business your trying to run ? I know I do. It gets discouraging when you put in so many hours, hard work and money into your content for people to not even acknowledge your passions.   

Consistency is key they say and it's true, but at times it gets hard to be consistent when you feel like nobody is watching you. Always remember people are watching some just refuse to like, comment or even purchase your items because it's you (haters). Some people may feel intimidated with the fact you are pursing you passions something they were scared to do(haters). Some people may not get your content or have no interest in what you do and that is okay not everyone is your target. 

I've also notice with my platform strangers are one of my biggest supporters( Iove you guys). The reason for this is because some people you grew up with are stuck where you left them and didn't have courage and the ambitious you have (haters) and this is how you discover who your real family and friends are and who to stay away from. 

My journey to success allowed me to learn some friends are only for a season, connect with like mined people and move in silence. Connections are so important, but don't rely on anyone to get your career moving the goal is to be a connection yourself. Consistency is so important and so timing. Even if only one person is watching keep going word of mouth can travel far. I want to share so much with you guys below I have a list of things that helps me stay consistent helpfully this can help you also.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Some tips for Consistency 
  • Make your business cards and always have them on you. 
  • Get a nice case for your business cards to keep them fresh.  
  • Buy your domain (This is you business name ex. I'm stacyannJ)
  • When you get a domain nobody can use your name. I bought my domain from google and I also have a domain email address.
  • Make a portfolio of your work (find a link to help with this step insert here)
  • Stay organized this helps a lot with consistency and focus
  • Have a schedule so you don't over book yourself or miss anything
  • Don't mix business with emotions, family and friends
      Social Media
  • I schedule my post on Buffer for Facebook. ( On buffer you pre-write all your content you want to post for the week and time them with the date from there buffer does all the work for you) 
  • I just discovered *Planoly* from a friend. (This app is used  for Instagram it allows you to schedule and plan your content)
  • For Twitter I use Hootsuite( sorry guys I hardly tweet working on it)
  • Make a list of topics you want to touch base on
  • Make a Media Kit (example listed below) 
  • Use High Quality images (If you want to know what apps I use to edit pictures let me know in the comments )
  • Edit your post before posting (I'm always making typos because I forget to edit my post I'm working on it)

Last but no lease don't give up, be your true self and stay faithful !

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Media Kit Example 
Image result for media kit layout examples

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