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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Good Morning,

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Every morning I love to motivate others; I guess this is why I'm so consistent with morning motivations(on social media and with peers) it's just natural for me. How you start your morning determines your day and how you start your week makes a big impact. I would love to share some tips on how to stay motivated and focus these tips work for me I hope they can do the same for you.

Tips on Staying Motivated

1. Keep only positive energy around you. It's okay to keep negative Nancy far away from your positive space. have you ever heard of the saying "love from afar" you can do that even with family. doing this is also very good for your mental and physical health also.

2.  Music Music Music Music !! yes I love to listen to up lifting music when I'm getting ready for my day. I am christian when I get up I prayer then get into worship. Worship music in the morning uplifts my spirit. For those who aren't Christians I know some people that mediate in the morning and that works for them. Any songs with positive message is also great.

3. Mirror talk. It's always good to talk positivity into your life and claim it. This works for me all the time; when I want something I pray about and put action to it. I let myself know in the mirror how I'm going to get it and remind myself who I am and where I am going. Self motivation is so great this is how you develop growth and self love. Talk to yourself don't worry your not crazy just do it !

4. Make an outline of your goals and how your going to accomplish them when you check that check mark you'll feel so proud you can even reward yourself every time you accomplish a goal.

5. Motivate others. I'm a firm believer in this I love to make people happy and uplift there spirits. See people happy knowing I had a impact makes me feel like I made an accomplishment in someones life. Motivating others make me feel like I doing my assignment and purposing purpose. Also when I motivate others I'm also motivating myself. 

6. Keep the Faith and put God first he is amazing. Life gets hard, but think of the hard times has a learning experience these are humbling times. In your trial just remember God is preparing you for greatness you are already great you are just going through a test. I used this example before "a sling shot has to be pulled back before it can soar". Keep the faith, keep smiling and gain your strength "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

I hope these tips work for you guys. If I can help just one person that would make me so happy leave your feedback in the comments. Remember consistency is key don't stop even when you think nobody is watching they're; they just haven't told you. Once you have the passion your vision will grow especially with God in the mist of it all.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

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