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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mondays are Fun Days!

Hi guys,

I hope you all are having a great and productive week. Although the week starts Sundays, people seem to hate Mondays yeah I get it you have to get back to work and everyday life; however life is what you make it and your own mind can fail you.  Mondays are a start to a productive week for me. I like to plan out my days with what I need to get done. Planning your day keeps you motivated, consistent and focus. This helps me so much from getting distracted. If you can't start your week right it's like a dominions effect your whole week can go wrong. These tips may not work for everyone, but it works for me. When you feel like giving up I always say this " remember your why" make a chart of your "why" and ask yourself on this chart why you started your business or what your perusing  how I'm going to get there and how could this help others and yourself. When you put purpose behind our why it motivates you to plan your week out accordingly.

I hope this can help someone that is feeling in doubt you may feel like nothing is happening, but trust me when I say you don''t know who is watching you and getting inspired by you. Some people may not tell you but trust me they're are watching. If you want success if you have to claim it and speak it into existence  "fake it till you make it" you got this. The work should never stop hard work truly pays off and you wouldn't have visions if you weren't suppose to project them into existence. 

Remember where you are coming from and where you want to go, stay humble and keep going. Consistency is key and having the right people around you to motivate you is also important. I hope you guys have a different out put on Mondays. Mondays are start to a new adventure and the next step to your goals being accomplish. Success doesn't helping over night and the failures should be seen has lessons and growth don't give up you can only get better with time! I hope you have a great and productive week I love you guys stay encourage you got this and don't ever forget your why!

Stay blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo  

P.S Has of next week I will no longer be posting Monday motivations, due to my heavy schedule with school. However I will continue to post my fashion blog post every Friday after 6pm. I will start Monday Motivation again in 2018 I will keep you guys up to date with the time and month. Follow me on Instagram I consistently post motivational stories every morning( sometimes on weekends). I hope you guys stay motivated and keep following your dreams.

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