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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Orange is The New Black!

Hi everyone and happy Friday. I can not believe it's the weekend already this week flew by so quickly. I hope you all had a productive week and have a fabulous weekend! This year I had told you guys I would be playing with more colours. I know it's winter but I'm always the one to break the rules. I wore orange and I notice a lot of people giving me compliments and staring. One lady at my work place told me I made her day because I was wearing such a bold colour in such a gloomy time. I felt good knowing I can make someones day just being authentically me.

This goes to show the little things we do in life makes a difference. If you're having a bad day at lease make it good for another person. The reward of making people happy puts you at peace and just makes you feel good.

The small things is life do matter. Your steps may seem smaller than another (you shouldn't compare anyways) however you are making progress keep going and don't give up. Do a good deed buy lunch for a friend or even buy coffee and donuts for your co workers just from the kindest from your heart. We were all put on this earth to help one another not to destroy lets all remember that. We are all a team when we work together only greatness can come out of that !

Stay blessed and be blessed,

Stacyann J xoxo


Friday, 5 January 2018

The Beginning to Something Great 2018!

Happy new year everyone!

I hope this year is starting off great for each and everyone of you. It's almost been a year since I have started my blog can you believe how fast time is flying by!

I wrote this post to say this despite of what is thrown your way persevere and stay consistent. It is so important to master emotional intelligence. In business you can not take nothing personal. You have to learn to also juggle your time staying organized is key; weather it be with business and personal life find a solution to managing your time. One of my mentors introduced me to a Gnatt Chart I've been using this system since November and I'm seeing changes already on how I management my time. Also set up S.M.A.R.T goals for your self (I have a post on organizing a Smart goal temple from April 2017) and place a time for them in your Gnatt chart schedule. Doing this will keep you focus on your goals and actually get them done. Once you start working towards your goals you automatically get into focus mode.

I hope this information helps kick off your new years. Every week I will be posting tips on how to move forwards and accomplish goals. This year is the year of productivity and major growth. I also want to thank everyone who supports my content I pray blessings and over flow into you life. My God is awesome always remember to include him in every move you make.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

Stacyann J xoxo

P.s Fashion Blogs are on it's way stay tuned!

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