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Friday, 23 February 2018

Chromaholic !

Hey guys,

It's Friday I do not know about you but I am excited. My best-friend and I have such great energy together and if you follow us on social media you will know we are pretty much peanut butter to jelly or a Jamaican term "batty and bench" Batty meaning butt.

We always receive feedback so guess what we want to start to start a channel together on you-tube. We made our first video yesterday on my channel I will leave all the links and info below. The goal is to reach 100 subscribers and likes before we start another video so please support and check out our video please and thank !

In addition to our video we did a photo-shoot at Square One shopping center in Mississauga Ontario. Square One is one of my top five malls to shop in the Toronto GTA.

Thank you guys for tuning in I hope you all enjoy the images and video and don't forget to subscribe, like and turn your post notifications on.

Stay blessed and be blessed,

-Stacyann J xoxo

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Jackets: Forever 21

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