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Friday, 1 June 2018

My Visit to Cityline

Hey guys I hope all is well.

I had a lot of reaction on Instagram on my outfit I wore to City-line. City-line is a Canadian talk show filmed in Toronto. The host of the show is named Tracy Moore; she is such a humbled soul with such a great sense of humor. Not only is she beautiful on the outside she has so much beauty with in she is also such a genuine person her present is authentic. While we where waiting for the show to start and during breaks she would interact with the audience and entertain us she also loves to take pictures with her fans.

The episode that day featured the Reno girls they showed us how be innovative with DIY's renovations on a budget. I will link the episode below. I went to the show with one of my dearest friends Stephanie who is also a fashionista. We enjoyed ourselves the overall experience was nice and would go back. If you want tickets to the City-line just visit the website I will link it below and they tickets are free good luck!

Everyone in person and on Instagram loved my outfit so I decided to make a blog post on my outfit and experience at the Cityline.

I Hope you guys enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog.

Stay Blessed and be blessed,

- Stacyann J xoxo

Outfit Details

Pants: Winners (Great deal I got them for $20 !!)
Top: Sirens (A Canadian version to Fashion Nova but sirens has been around way longer lol )
Shoes: Sirens

P.s I also have been consistent on you-tube check out my content when you get the chance. I may start doing cosmetics post on YouTube since I always get compliments on my make-up. Thank you guys for the support I really appropriate you guys.


City-line: Episode:

Get your tickets:


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