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About me

Hi everyone welcome to my page. My middle name is Stacyann and the J don't even ask me where that came from I am so random.  I am a 92' baby and currently a fashion and business student. I love fashion, cooking, art, beauty, nature and prestigious atmospheres. I am family orientated and a firm believer of God. I love to learn new things and keep myself busy, I am a innovative individual. I also sing and write music I live and breathe music I am a women of many talents. 

I am currently a student at Humber college in The Business School. I am studying Fashion Arts and Business and love it. Did I also mention I am a mother of two beautiful children ? I love my kids to the moon and back; My son is three and my daughter is one. I love to motivate others, despite of your situation you can do anything God placed in your vision. Come on now I'm a single mother with two children and I'm still pursuing my dreams you can also do it to!

My objective is to motivate and share my content with you guys just to keep you guys moving forward. I love to see people succeeding it's so motivating and it's also a reminder of how hard work truly pays off never forget that.  I want to take you guys on my journey to success and I hope I can motivate everyone who comes across my content. I also want to share my innovative ideas in art form rather that be with fashion, music, beauty and even food.  

Don't ever hesitate  to ask me question. If you ever need someone to talk to just send me an email at

Thank you for stoping by I hope you guys have a blessed and productive day.

Stay Blessed and be blessed,

Stacyann J xoxo

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